"I was introduced to Lilith Boutique when their new store opened on Christina Street in Sarnia. I fell in love with store and the products they sell. I use to travel to Guelph to order the bra’s I like but now can easily pick them up at Lilith Boutique.

Christine makes every visit to the store enjoyable because she is both professional and knowledgeable. She is available to make sure you purchase the correct and best fitting bra.

I recommend the store to all of my friends and family and we all agree, Lilith Boutique has something for everyone!"
- Amy G.

“Lilith Boutique has many innovative solutions that may be be perfect for you. A wonderful, caring (non smoking) environment. Let Chris, provide the services that you need.”
– Bonita B.

“I started using the My Girls skin cream right after my first radiation treatment about 2 to 3 times a day. Just after my 3rd week of treatment my skin started turning pink and after the 4th and 5th week turned to a tan colour. My skin was always soft and never dry. I continued to use it when my treatments were finished.”
– Susan G.

Christine Thomas of Lilith Boutique in Sarnia Ontario, brings a level of understanding and compassion to her clients that is exceptional and heart warming. My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer this past summer. She is 85 years old. It frightened my father, siblings and I greatly as Mom has always been the calm and stabling force in our home. Christine came highly recommended to us and when we contacted her, late on a Saturday afternoon, she promptly returned our call and arranged for our mother to come and see her. We found her to be patient, understanding and a font of very helpful advice. Not only did she make my mother’s visit to “The Fitting Room” stress free she alleviated many of my sisters and mine concerns and questions. Christine continued to help even after we left her shop, answering our many phone calls and suggesting various other businesses that could help our mother in this very trying time. She made a very frightening experience much easier with her compassion, understanding and calm manner.
Thank you Christine and God Bless!
– Barb F. (Ottawa, Ontario)